Use Milk To Enjoy Magic With Kids!

I really am a late bloomer.

I have been seeing Stumbleupon on the web but wouldn't let myself create an account to enjoy what it offers because I was hesitant to add another username-password to remember. As I create my VA assignment, write online curriculum vitae, and watch a recorded webinar by Jomar Hilario, It was the only time that I decided to add Stumbleupon as one of the websites I learned to navigate. 

The first thing I Stumbleupon-ed was this.

courtesy of sparkec

I literally uttered "WOW!" when I saw it. It was pretty cool and easy to make. Since I love to hear my nephews say "Wow!", "Nice!", and "Ooh. Cool!", I immediately thought of doing it to impress them. I really think that this kind of easy-do-it-yourself stuff is a wonderful way to have a moment with kids. The beauty of the colors, the awesome effects, and the uniqueness of the activity, are nothing but magical especially for children.

Sweet Says... Moments with kids simply made me feel younger. Children are also appreciative of the time you share with them and things you show or teach them. Letting them witness cool stuffs, especially this colorful milk trick, will be one of the moments they will probably remember when they grow up.

3 Super Exciting Ways To Support The Philippines This November

It's never too late!

Supporting the Philippines this November for the SEAGames 2011 in Indonesia will make a tremendous contribution in boosting our climbing team's morale and resources. Several events had already been a success such as The Art of Sport Climbing (Oct 8), Beer-O-Lympics (Oct 15), and Outdoor 101: A Weekend in Atimonan (Oct 22). This November, as promised from my previous PNCT post, there will be a couple more cool ways to help the Philippine National Climbing Team bring pride to the country as they have always done.

#1 PNCT Send-Off Party: Fun Climb

Get to climb the wall with the National Climbing Team themselves. 
This is open to the public and only costs Php 50, good for 3 climbs!

Date & Time: November 5, 2011; 11am-5pm
Venue: 3rd Floor R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig


Concert ticket is worth Php50 only!
*to win merchandise from our sponsors and donors.

Date & Time: November 5, 2011; 6pm-12mn
Venue: 3rd Floor R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig

by marfis75

Bullet Dumas . Twin Lobster . Neverdie . Pusakal . Red-Striped Suzie . Fingertrap . Ymalah . The Naked Lights . Flying Ipis 

Twin Lobster
The Naked Lights

#3 Rocktrip 101: A Day in Montalban

courtesy of

From its postponement due to bad weather, this event is now good to go this month. Call on your friends and grab this wonderful opportunity to take advantage of learning the basics of rock climbing. Or give it as a gift to someone you know that would like to give it a try or is interested to add it on their bucket list.

Registration Fee: Php 1,000
Roundtrip transportation to Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal from CITIMALL arcade (across PHILCOA), Commonwealth Ave., Q.C.
Climbing equipment
Instructor's Fee
Afternoon snacks

For more details, click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

Sweet Says.... watching a variety of bands and getting freebies are surely fantastic enough to contribute in supporting your country. Know what a Magnesium Carbonate is for from a climber's point of view. Get your belayer say "Climb on!" If you think this is pretty cool, then LET'S ROCK NOVEMBER!!!

*The author is a proud pinay supporter of PNCT but is NOT affiliated to either SCAPI or PNCT. The author does not receive any monetary benefit in this blog post.

Happiness according from a tricycle sticker

by binaryCoco

"Happiness is like a crystal.
Fair and exquisite and clear.
Broken in a million pieces, shattered, scattered far and near."

Sweet Says...Thanks to manong driver for a beautiful thought to ponder on this sunny morning!

Are Mongkok Dim Sums Worth The Money?

One Saturday afternoon, my sister-in-law asked me if I want 8 orders of dim sum for free, and of course I said "Yes!" She told me that a friend of hers availed that deal from one of the group buying sites, Ensogo, but got no more time to use it so she just gave the voucher to her. However, my sister-in-law got the same dilemma and the deadline of the promo will be until that coming Monday. So I didn't waste a great offer, took the voucher and grabbed someone with me to enjoy the sumptuous dim sums that very next day, Sunday.  
Glorietta 5, Makati Philippines

I've been to Mongkok several times but my last experience there was the best. Imagine, 8 orders of dim sums for only Php300! Mongkok's dim sums vary from Php75 to Php100 each. So getting a 50% off was too great of a deal, and I got mine for free. 

Part of the deal was to make a reservation at least a day before, and another part was to have the purchase during off-peak hours only. Nevertheless, it was still awesome! What I really appreciated was the staff. The one who served us was Dennis. He was accommodating, proactive and polite. Despite the overwhelming variety of dim sums, he gave us a heads up of what were not available. Well we weren't shocked, it was understandable because it was the 2nd to the last day of purchasing the deal. Dennis told us that the Robinson's Galleria branch's dim sums got out of stock because of its high demand.

Since the deal was only covering the dim sums, we ordered 2 plain rice and a couple of fruit shakes to complete the meal.

Now its waiting time and of course it meant, picture taking moments and chitchats.

While waiting for the dimsums to arrive,
I played with the ultimate condiment: Soy Sauce and Calamansi

The first to arrive was the Lobster Roll.
It didn't look too good on the picture,  but it tasted oh so yummy!

Lo and behold the pouring batch of 4 dim sums,
here's the delectable Stuffed Tofu

Sharks-fin Siomai
The BEST sharks-fin siomai I ever tasted so far!

Beef Siomai
It's like 5 levels up compared to your common food stall siomai.

Behind it was Fresh Shrimp Dumpling
Its a good thing that this one is not out of stock, because I love Hakao!
and yeah, I apologize, I have eaten it before realizing that I haven't taken it's photo.

Shao Long Pao

Two more sets to go, and we were already becoming full.

Get ready for the crispy Fried Shrimp Dumpling
along with its secret dip :)

I was so looking forward with this last one, so even if we have to pay an additional Php15 to avail it, we obliged to experience its inviting name, Seafood Roll.

Last but not least, Seafood Roll
I didn't know why it was called "roll" when it doesn't look rolled to me. But heck with the appearance, I was here for the taste, and "WOW!" the vast taste of different seafoods were present. I can't even identify which taste is which except the crab's. 

After some ooh's and aah's for every bite of Mongkok's mesmerizing dim sums, we ended up fully satisfied and burping tremendously.

Exhibit A: Now you see them. Now you don't!

Sweet Says... So if I am to answer "Are Mongkok Dim Sums Worth The Money?", I say, "Go back and take a look at Exhibit A" Now go and get confused on which dim sum to try first. Everything is simply a must-try! I will surely return, even without a voucher.

By the way,

Special thanks to my sister-in-law, Wigi a.k.a Brad, for the voucher.
And to her friend, for not having the time to use it. :)
You guys are AWESOME!!!
Thanks a lot!