Use Milk To Enjoy Magic With Kids!

I really am a late bloomer.

I have been seeing Stumbleupon on the web but wouldn't let myself create an account to enjoy what it offers because I was hesitant to add another username-password to remember. As I create my VA assignment, write online curriculum vitae, and watch a recorded webinar by Jomar Hilario, It was the only time that I decided to add Stumbleupon as one of the websites I learned to navigate. 

The first thing I Stumbleupon-ed was this.

courtesy of sparkec

I literally uttered "WOW!" when I saw it. It was pretty cool and easy to make. Since I love to hear my nephews say "Wow!", "Nice!", and "Ooh. Cool!", I immediately thought of doing it to impress them. I really think that this kind of easy-do-it-yourself stuff is a wonderful way to have a moment with kids. The beauty of the colors, the awesome effects, and the uniqueness of the activity, are nothing but magical especially for children.

Sweet Says... Moments with kids simply made me feel younger. Children are also appreciative of the time you share with them and things you show or teach them. Letting them witness cool stuffs, especially this colorful milk trick, will be one of the moments they will probably remember when they grow up.

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