One More Reason to Thank God Today

Walking on the busy Monumento area at seven in the morning, Manila time, I asked myself why I didn't bring my sunglasses today. The sun was high and its dazzling light made me glower my forehead. Then I remembered, it was raining last night when I left home. Of course, the good thing to bring was an umbrella and not a pair of shades, which I neither brought. 

It sink in on me that despite the heat, I enjoyed it. I noticed the highlights on the girl's shoulder length brown hair. I saw the jeepney glimmer immediately before it turned sharp right on the next block. I saw the flattened wet leaves on the asphalt road, the unlikely litter of straws, Styrofoam cups, and a piece of rubber flip flops in front of a pharmacy yet to be opened. These signaled me that a strong typhoon, Pedring (Nesat) was here in Luzon a couple of nights ago. 

by Pink Sherbet Photography

So, forget about the shades, the heat, and the perspiration. I simply thanked God for blessing us with one more day, and a very beautiful one. A day with the sun as high and bright as it should be. A day filled with emotions, lessons, and surprises. Another day to spend with our families, friends, and strangers. A day to clean up the mess. A renewal. A start.

Sweet Says... May you all have a great day and God Bless you!

Pray for the Philippines: A Cry for Help in Pedring's Hostility

When I woke up this morning, there was no electricity and my nephews bombarded me to get up and play. It was actually more of accompanying them and really not the playtime especially with the 3-year-old one who runs to me in a hurry whenever a strong wind banged our neighbor's roof. I just told him to pray so that the aggressive wind would leave us and that the mad rain would stop.

We ate brunch then played different toys from Ben 10, Jollibee collectibles, cars, Lego, squeeze balls, puppets, and more. I made sure to maximize our no-electricity-time by inviting my nephews to be creative and imaginative. Since the 9-year-old one wants to protect his toys from the mighty destroyer younger cousin of his, we opted to create origami of boats and airplanes. We made the boat float from a basin of water and called ourselves captains. We made the planes fly with the strong wind and called ourselves pilot and co-pilot. We blew bubbles over the window, sketched some images on a paper, played target shooting, and yes, more games before we ended up hungry and ready to grab a snack.

by scjody

The power came back just before dinner time. We immediately turned the TV on to the news channel. The stories were just as devastating, from 4 kids dead somewhere in the province, some yet to be found, to a grandmother who got killed by a fallen tree. Billboards, flooded establishments including some prestigious hotels, destructed homes, evacuation of a very big number of families in different areas of Luzon -- these were just some of what happened today because of Super Typhoon Pedring's Signal number 3. 

Mall of Asia
by Sun Star Manila

I immediately gave Him a short thanksgiving prayer for making us safe throughout the day; that we were still able to enjoy simple pleasures despite the absence of the usual Facebook-ing, PSP games, comfort of air conditioning, ice cold drinks and cable tv channels. We didn't realize that a lot of people were suffering that way while we were starting to get impatient on how long the power will be out. 

Now that the power is back and was able to check on the news, and some tweets, the current 4th Trend in Twitter is #PrayforthePhilippines. Below were some tweets as of 8AM EST / 8pm Manila Time:

@IngridLaPadula  Lets try and keep a positive outlook on all the "problems" we are faced today. Some need more help than we do 
@JeffyChua Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here am I. - Isaiah 58:9
@JessicaRaeFtw Spare us Lord from the threat of typhoon. We lift our safety unto your loving arms,shield us from destructions. Amen. 
@CodyIsMyDrug I hide my tears and i let my Guitar cry </3 Good night.
@merylkimby So thankful for a healthy food, running water, and electricity for tonight. But I'm praying for those who have none. 
@Samledesma Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You.-- Psalms 102:1

Sweet Says... Thank you tweeps worldwide for the prayers, lets pray more because it has been announced that tomorrow will be worse. "Dear Lord, help our countrymen survive this catastrophe and may our families and friends be safe tonight and the coming days. Have mercy on us Lord and bless us with a calm weather." 

"Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You" -- Psalms 102:1 

Fundraising for The Philippine National Climbing Team

In November 2011, Sport Climbing will be included as a medal sport in the Southeast Asian Games (SEAGames) for the very first time. 

The Sports Climbing Association of the Philippines (SCAPI), selected 13 strong and well-positioned athletes to bring home medals in the 2011 SEAGames which will be held in Palembang, Indonesia. This will be the 13th year wherein Filipino climbers will proudly wave the Philippine flag for the country's honor in the international climbing scene. It will be a shame not to be able to send these 13 athletes to compete in this year's SEAGames.

SCAPI seeks financial support for the Philippine National Climbing Team (PNCT). Financial aid and support in the form of services or products are welcome to help in sending these athletes to the said competition.

The Philippine National Climbing Team
Photo By Dennis Diaz
(Top L–R): Gale Roque, Maman Salada, Mhik Tejares, Karen Gudani, Natalie Collado, Dennis Diaz (team coach),  Niknok Blancaflor, Jason Sauco, Erwin Gozum, Aldwin Ibanez and Allen Maitri Enrique
(Bottom L–R): Kristian Guerrero, Ina Flores, Crissie Malay (team manager), Miel Pahati and Stan Feleo.
(Not in photo: Michael Jay Lagda, JunJun Vidal, JJ Suson)

This October 2011, one of the many fundraising activities to support PNCT will be a Rock Trip 101 in Wawa, Montalban, Rizal. I will be posting more updates here, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, for more information or details, or for those who would like to help in being or in finding support or sponsors, kindly: email:

Sweet Says... being proud is not just by watching them finish the game on TV, but also in supporting our athletes and taking part in contributing to our country's success in the coming SEAGames. Let's make it happen!

To know more about PNCT, check their Facebook Page HERE.

*The author is a proud pinay supporter of PNCT but is NOT affiliated to either SCAPI or PNCT. The author does not receive any monetary benefit in this blog post.

A Reminder To All Hardworking People

After spending my typical Sunday breakfast from McDonald's, I saw this design on the wall of the soft serve or ice cream counter, which I never really paid much attention before.

Guess whose shadows were there ^_^
It may have no impact to anyone, or may simply be another marketing campaign to go grab an ice cream cone or McFlurry, but for me it was personal. It was a sweet reminder for me to slow down and live every moment of my life. Just like all the other ads, which speaks to every target consumer, this one is pretty short and sweet. The best part of it all, it called me by my first name, as if it is really for me. 

Sweet Says... your name may not be called, but you surely deserve to get a break after days of hard work. Reward yourself with your favorite dish, a movie, a therapeutic massage, a videoke night with friends, or a simple dessert. When you do this, you help yourself get motivated and more productive. You will be pushing the burn-out feeling out of your mind. 

5 Most Common Lies

It's curiously funny to see the most common lies you could think of posted in Twitter hashtag #TheMostCommonLies. I was shocked with some answers and was guilty on the others. 

Here were the Top 5 Most Common Lies according to the tweets from 12 hours ago:

#5 Imma call you back
2 Tweets: one by @_ExoticMioshi

This lie got another version "Im gonna call you back". A female sent it too. I guess boys frequently say this to their chics as an excuse.

We got 4 lies that tied up on this spot.

by Tom Newby Photography
#4 I'm fine @funnyorfact
#4 I'll be there in 5 minutes @IAMPOPGATES
#4 Im always going to be there for you no matter what @TiaraNicole
#4 Im on my way @butter_obama
All with 3 Tweets.

Can someone honestly say that they haven't used any of these 4?

#3 my phone "DIED"
4 Tweets: one by @cdashspade

by Viktor Hertz
Well, nobody runs out of alibis! 
Go blame the signal, the network, the charger, and yeah, RIP to the phone.

#2 That was my last piece of gum
6 Tweets: one by @UrielFollowill

by {Charlotte,Morrall}

I didn't really expect that this simple gum would grab the 2nd spot. 
I think that this is an automatic response from people who are lets say not so generous.
When someone asks for a gum, they would easily answer with this, then quietly realize "Oh I actually have one more" but their pride tells them to stick with the answer they have already given. Or its just me. :)

We have another tie!!!

by SwEeTy
#1 I have read and accepted all Terms & Conditions
11 Tweets: one by @SWhigam
#1 I love you
11 Tweets: one by @MrWhizKhalifa 

WOW! I couldn't explain how I felt when these 2 lies took the top spot. I wasn't shocked though because I myself am guilty of clicking the box at the end of the Terms & Conditions. I am more of saddened by the thought of "I love you", those three words that you tell someone you dear so much, to be considered a lie. We couldn't blame them though especially if they have experienced being hurt. The ones who have been told "I love you" but have continuously been hurt emotionally, physically, and so on.

Sweet Says... It's hard not to lie. It's painful when people lie to you. And there are more than one reason why people lie. I don't know how to answer the "why" and I don't want to defend it either. All I wish to say is ... when people lie, who do you think they really lied to? Isn't it yourself, too?

If I Could Get Away With It...

Have you experienced asking yourself of the things you would like to get away with if you could?

Some of our fellow Twitters do so too. 
Here are some of their answers to the hashtag #IfICouldGetAwayWithIt:

@Jettson i'd rob a bank
by Niklas Hellerstedt
@ManSquared973 I would take all the Fathers/Mothers that walk out of there Child lives N lock them in a room with the Saw doll.
@onmyperi0d I would loot the chocolate store
@ShaynaaxD I'd kill any person who EVER made fun of an autistic child, because you have no clue what its like behind their eyes.
@TeensMatterToo I'd never wear clothes
@1YummyJ I would eat everything all day and not work out
@Princess_Mwamba I would die for two days just to see whats after life n then come back
@JMPVanity I would not allow people to be billionaires while others dont even have a house to live in
@HacksawJDuggan I would legally marry the American flag and have baby 2x4's with it. HooOooOoo! (atomic drops Abe Lincoln) USA! USA!
@InkMonstarr I'd leave the world for a couple days...just to see who care enough to know where I'm at.
@HarrietThugman I'd kidnap every abused child in this nation and give them a better life.

Sweet Says... It's really interesting that most of what we wanted to do are those we consider sinful, immoral, against the law, forbidden. Most tweets actually mentioned robbing a bank and killing people. But of course, no one would want to get away when they do good things right? For me, I am part of the majority, I thought of robbing a bank too. What about you?