How A Quick Prayer Makes A Big Difference

When problems arise we usually turn to a confidant that you know you could depend on, or keeps secrets with, or will listen intently to whatever it is you're gonna say. Sometimes, telling our worries or heartaches to that somebody, helps a lot to ease the pain. But there are also times when that someone didn't react the way you expected to, making your emotions ignited with frustration or anger. It's just like when you hope for them to side with you or tell you you're right but didn't.

by Cia de Foto

One Sunday night, my dad, who got a stroke a year ago, was on his bed ready to sleep. My mom was watching one of the prime time episodes that she always keeps an eye on. My dad struggled to get up and was telling us a few phrases that he knows every time he wanted to say something, "To-mah-ting", "A-ko to-mah-ting", while pointing at the dining table. I got the message that he wanted to eat dinner again. Mom got her eyes widened and then nagged hysterically at my dad for being stubborn, gluttonous, and hopelessly irritating. Dad seemed to understand every word that my mom said. His expression changed as quickly as a stand fan turns its head from left to right, from teary-eyed sad to gritting-teeth mad. 

by Alyssa L. Miller

I tried everything I could to work diplomacy on my clock. Mediating was the best way I could think of to handle it. I calmed dad down by rubbing his chest gently, slightly feeling his heartbeat if it's palpitating hard. I begged mom to go upstairs and just let me handle dad's request. Shunning her was never the idea because I also wanted her to feel that she can say how she feels and that I am always there to listen. After all, mom has always been submissive, understanding, caring, and all the nice things a mom could be, until the ageing and exhaustion kicked in. 

I prepared dad's dinner part two then sat on a corner sofa. I was crying, stressed-out and saddened by the words my mom just delivered. Mom's emotional breakdown has been a monthly occurrence. I couldn't blame her since they have had a lot of unresolved issues on their marriage. 

While waiting for my dad to digest his meal, I stayed on the sofa and bowed my head. Still crying, I prayed to God that may He bring the Holy Spirit to guide my mom and dad. I wish for them to be able to sleep well that night and to forget that bitter moment. I prayed that may mom show more compassion to my dad for we didn't exactly know how he feels, sees, or even thinks. I prayed that may we understand His will more and be stronger for whatever it is to come. 

by bigbirdz

After my quick prayer, I cleared the dishes out and put my dad to sleep then told him goodnight and "I love you" while parting his hair on one side.

When I woke up the next day, I forgot about what had transpired from last night. Mom and I chatted over breakfast as we usually do, instead of her post-argument-handling which is typical sulking over more marital issues since 70's. She told me about how she suddenly remembered a couple of things last night. She was massaging her head with the ever reliable menthol ointment, Katinko, remembering the messages of Alvin Barcelona and Bo Sanchez from their previous Sunday talks in PICC. Mom decided to let it go and surrender that bitter moment to God. She decided to be happy, for tomorrow she will buy a set of powder detergent for her laundry, listen to the radio while arranging a few Christmas decors, and bathe the dogs. 

I smiled. My heart just felt awesome. It really worked! My quick prayer worked. God performs miracles even on the tiniest element of our lives. We just have to be faithful. We just have to believe and trust Him.

by Wes Miracle

Sweet Says... You have Someone more reliable and much easier to talk to. Someone who is available all the time. Someone who is always willing to listen wherever you are. Someone powerful and understanding that no matter what you say, He already knows. Yes, you know Who HE is and you know how to call Him. The best thing is that, whether your happy, mad, excited, depressed or whatever, just call on Him, for He is always ready for you.


  1. "God is good all the time. All the time, God is good." :)

    I read all your posts on your blog and got inspired.

    I wish good health for your dad. :)


  2. thank you for your visiting, and for the positive quote. yes indeed He is good. :)