5 Most Common Lies

It's curiously funny to see the most common lies you could think of posted in Twitter hashtag #TheMostCommonLies. I was shocked with some answers and was guilty on the others. 

Here were the Top 5 Most Common Lies according to the tweets from 12 hours ago:

#5 Imma call you back
2 Tweets: one by @_ExoticMioshi

This lie got another version "Im gonna call you back". A female sent it too. I guess boys frequently say this to their chics as an excuse.

We got 4 lies that tied up on this spot.

by Tom Newby Photography
#4 I'm fine @funnyorfact
#4 I'll be there in 5 minutes @IAMPOPGATES
#4 Im always going to be there for you no matter what @TiaraNicole
#4 Im on my way @butter_obama
All with 3 Tweets.

Can someone honestly say that they haven't used any of these 4?

#3 my phone "DIED"
4 Tweets: one by @cdashspade

by Viktor Hertz
Well, nobody runs out of alibis! 
Go blame the signal, the network, the charger, and yeah, RIP to the phone.

#2 That was my last piece of gum
6 Tweets: one by @UrielFollowill

by {Charlotte,Morrall}

I didn't really expect that this simple gum would grab the 2nd spot. 
I think that this is an automatic response from people who are lets say not so generous.
When someone asks for a gum, they would easily answer with this, then quietly realize "Oh I actually have one more" but their pride tells them to stick with the answer they have already given. Or its just me. :)

We have another tie!!!

by SwEeTy
#1 I have read and accepted all Terms & Conditions
11 Tweets: one by @SWhigam
#1 I love you
11 Tweets: one by @MrWhizKhalifa 

WOW! I couldn't explain how I felt when these 2 lies took the top spot. I wasn't shocked though because I myself am guilty of clicking the box at the end of the Terms & Conditions. I am more of saddened by the thought of "I love you", those three words that you tell someone you dear so much, to be considered a lie. We couldn't blame them though especially if they have experienced being hurt. The ones who have been told "I love you" but have continuously been hurt emotionally, physically, and so on.

Sweet Says... It's hard not to lie. It's painful when people lie to you. And there are more than one reason why people lie. I don't know how to answer the "why" and I don't want to defend it either. All I wish to say is ... when people lie, who do you think they really lied to? Isn't it yourself, too?

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