Pray for the Philippines: A Cry for Help in Pedring's Hostility

When I woke up this morning, there was no electricity and my nephews bombarded me to get up and play. It was actually more of accompanying them and really not the playtime especially with the 3-year-old one who runs to me in a hurry whenever a strong wind banged our neighbor's roof. I just told him to pray so that the aggressive wind would leave us and that the mad rain would stop.

We ate brunch then played different toys from Ben 10, Jollibee collectibles, cars, Lego, squeeze balls, puppets, and more. I made sure to maximize our no-electricity-time by inviting my nephews to be creative and imaginative. Since the 9-year-old one wants to protect his toys from the mighty destroyer younger cousin of his, we opted to create origami of boats and airplanes. We made the boat float from a basin of water and called ourselves captains. We made the planes fly with the strong wind and called ourselves pilot and co-pilot. We blew bubbles over the window, sketched some images on a paper, played target shooting, and yes, more games before we ended up hungry and ready to grab a snack.

by scjody

The power came back just before dinner time. We immediately turned the TV on to the news channel. The stories were just as devastating, from 4 kids dead somewhere in the province, some yet to be found, to a grandmother who got killed by a fallen tree. Billboards, flooded establishments including some prestigious hotels, destructed homes, evacuation of a very big number of families in different areas of Luzon -- these were just some of what happened today because of Super Typhoon Pedring's Signal number 3. 

Mall of Asia
by Sun Star Manila

I immediately gave Him a short thanksgiving prayer for making us safe throughout the day; that we were still able to enjoy simple pleasures despite the absence of the usual Facebook-ing, PSP games, comfort of air conditioning, ice cold drinks and cable tv channels. We didn't realize that a lot of people were suffering that way while we were starting to get impatient on how long the power will be out. 

Now that the power is back and was able to check on the news, and some tweets, the current 4th Trend in Twitter is #PrayforthePhilippines. Below were some tweets as of 8AM EST / 8pm Manila Time:

@IngridLaPadula  Lets try and keep a positive outlook on all the "problems" we are faced today. Some need more help than we do 
@JeffyChua Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here am I. - Isaiah 58:9
@JessicaRaeFtw Spare us Lord from the threat of typhoon. We lift our safety unto your loving arms,shield us from destructions. Amen. 
@CodyIsMyDrug I hide my tears and i let my Guitar cry </3 Good night.
@merylkimby So thankful for a healthy food, running water, and electricity for tonight. But I'm praying for those who have none. 
@Samledesma Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You.-- Psalms 102:1

Sweet Says... Thank you tweeps worldwide for the prayers, lets pray more because it has been announced that tomorrow will be worse. "Dear Lord, help our countrymen survive this catastrophe and may our families and friends be safe tonight and the coming days. Have mercy on us Lord and bless us with a calm weather." 

"Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You" -- Psalms 102:1 

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