A Reminder To All Hardworking People

After spending my typical Sunday breakfast from McDonald's, I saw this design on the wall of the soft serve or ice cream counter, which I never really paid much attention before.

Guess whose shadows were there ^_^
It may have no impact to anyone, or may simply be another marketing campaign to go grab an ice cream cone or McFlurry, but for me it was personal. It was a sweet reminder for me to slow down and live every moment of my life. Just like all the other ads, which speaks to every target consumer, this one is pretty short and sweet. The best part of it all, it called me by my first name, as if it is really for me. 

Sweet Says... your name may not be called, but you surely deserve to get a break after days of hard work. Reward yourself with your favorite dish, a movie, a therapeutic massage, a videoke night with friends, or a simple dessert. When you do this, you help yourself get motivated and more productive. You will be pushing the burn-out feeling out of your mind. 

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