If I Could Get Away With It...

Have you experienced asking yourself of the things you would like to get away with if you could?

Some of our fellow Twitters do so too. 
Here are some of their answers to the hashtag #IfICouldGetAwayWithIt:

@Jettson i'd rob a bank
by Niklas Hellerstedt
@ManSquared973 I would take all the Fathers/Mothers that walk out of there Child lives N lock them in a room with the Saw doll.
@onmyperi0d I would loot the chocolate store
@ShaynaaxD I'd kill any person who EVER made fun of an autistic child, because you have no clue what its like behind their eyes.
@TeensMatterToo I'd never wear clothes
@1YummyJ I would eat everything all day and not work out
@Princess_Mwamba I would die for two days just to see whats after life n then come back
@JMPVanity I would not allow people to be billionaires while others dont even have a house to live in
@HacksawJDuggan I would legally marry the American flag and have baby 2x4's with it. HooOooOoo! (atomic drops Abe Lincoln) USA! USA!
@InkMonstarr I'd leave the world for a couple days...just to see who care enough to know where I'm at.
@HarrietThugman I'd kidnap every abused child in this nation and give them a better life.

Sweet Says... It's really interesting that most of what we wanted to do are those we consider sinful, immoral, against the law, forbidden. Most tweets actually mentioned robbing a bank and killing people. But of course, no one would want to get away when they do good things right? For me, I am part of the majority, I thought of robbing a bank too. What about you?

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