One More Reason to Thank God Today

Walking on the busy Monumento area at seven in the morning, Manila time, I asked myself why I didn't bring my sunglasses today. The sun was high and its dazzling light made me glower my forehead. Then I remembered, it was raining last night when I left home. Of course, the good thing to bring was an umbrella and not a pair of shades, which I neither brought. 

It sink in on me that despite the heat, I enjoyed it. I noticed the highlights on the girl's shoulder length brown hair. I saw the jeepney glimmer immediately before it turned sharp right on the next block. I saw the flattened wet leaves on the asphalt road, the unlikely litter of straws, Styrofoam cups, and a piece of rubber flip flops in front of a pharmacy yet to be opened. These signaled me that a strong typhoon, Pedring (Nesat) was here in Luzon a couple of nights ago. 

by Pink Sherbet Photography

So, forget about the shades, the heat, and the perspiration. I simply thanked God for blessing us with one more day, and a very beautiful one. A day with the sun as high and bright as it should be. A day filled with emotions, lessons, and surprises. Another day to spend with our families, friends, and strangers. A day to clean up the mess. A renewal. A start.

Sweet Says... May you all have a great day and God Bless you!

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