3 Simple Ways to Help Eradicate Hunger and Poverty in the Philippines

Hunger and poverty have always been partners in our society. The poverty level goes higher every year despite the effort of a few who are willing to learn financial freedom. But since we couldn't solve financial literacy overnight, let's focus on 3 simple ways to help eradicate hunger and poverty in the Philippines.

Pay It Forward
Filipinos are helpful especially to those authentically needy, like children from all over the country who have no source for one of their basic needs, food. The good news is we can help eradicate hunger and poverty by participating in or contributing to “Pay It Forward”.

Pay It Forward is a program which adopts the pay-it-forward attitude. This is the path where sharing begins with you. It is initiated by Al Fabon, who handles Millennium Development Goals monitoring, wherein the goals are set to be achieved by 2015. 

According to Al, Goal 1 and 2 truly made sense to him, which prompted the launching of the Pay It Forward program. His aim, to eradicate malnutrition within the month in Banton, Romblon is one of many.

3 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward:

1. Share your blessings
Donate a VitaMeal Bag and provide a child with one nutritious meal each day for a month. One VitaMeal Bag costs Php1,200.


2. Give your time
Volunteer by helping to facilitate the program. The initial weigh-in of children and serving of first meal is happening on December 26, 2011 in Banton, Romblon. The program will run until January 25, 2012 where in another weigh-in will be done.

3. Spread the word
If you neither have both finances and time, then spread the news so other people may be informed about this wonderful opportunity to give and to help feed these kids. Like it on Facebook, Tweet it, blog about it, any way you know to let it be known to others. 

Generosity Revolution

Feeding of children will be done by Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) in each barangay. Parents will be provided with Pay It Forward monitoring card which the parents need to present to the BNS each time the beneficiary gets his/her meal. The BNS in return will validate the monitoring card each time he/she provides the meal to the beneficiary. This monitoring card ensures that the program will be taken seriously by the parents. Besides, ending malnutrition is truly a collaborative effort.

All donors will each be assigned with a child. By assigning a donor to each recipient, we keep our accountability to the donors. Should donations exceed 54 bags, the program will rerun the following month after completing the monitoring and evaluation of the first month of program implementation. Banton, Romblon is an island municipality in region IV-B. It is a 5th class municipality with more or less seven thousand populations. Banton is the birthplace of the Father of Philippine Independence.

Sweet Says... Give children the hope for a brighter day by starting with a nutritious meal. Creating a ripple effect through an act of giving will mean the world to them. Not only do we feed them physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The message will be clear to them that they too deserve to be blessed.

Donate a VitaMeal bag now for these Bantoanon children:
Account Name: Alvaro F. Fabon Jr.
BPI Savings Account Number: 3909-1879-22
BPI Branch: Sta.Mesa

To know more about Pay It Forward, Click HERE!

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