3 Victorious "Give It A Try" Facebook Contests

I couldn’t recall when it started, but “give it a try” has been a part of my motto list for a long time now. From the classic cliches of not achieving success when you didn't even bother to act, I have learned to remind myself that success happens when you are willing to give it a try. However, this is not applicable to everything. We have to learn how to discern which opportunity we should say Yes or No to.

Joining a Facebook contest is a chance to say Yes to give it a try. Of course, we could only hope for the best since a lot of Facebook users’ common interest is to win especially on great deals. I have known myself to be quite unlucky when it comes to raffles or contests, but I figured that there’s nothing to lose. It was so easy to respond to a question that you know exactly how to answer.

So far, I just said “give it a try” to three Facebook contests.

The first was with myfoodtrip. It is an online directory of restaurants, bars, and cafes in the Philippines. 

The myfoodtrip admin posted this on their wall, “I'm going to Korea for the holidays and will bring back pasalubong for one lucky fan of MFT. Tell me what you want and I'll find a way to pick one and get it to you when I get back in Jan. ps. Don't send me bankrupt.” 

Out of nowhere, I replied with “ haven't been to korea. haven't got anything from korea. this could be the first. AND this could be my last "first time" for this year. AND I THANK YOU in advance. hehehe! advance merry Christmas! have a great trip! ^_^” 

didn't have an update until March 14, when Leslie Gabe sent me a private message. She surprised me with a “Congratulations!” and announced that I've been picked as a winner of their special Korea promo. 

The prize? A cute Korean phone accessory with one Swedish Massage gift certificate from Blue Water Day Spa in Eastwood, Libis.

The second was with Binalot Fiesta Foods. A Filipino fastfood known for their yummy salted egg and tomato side dish with your selected variant with rice, wrapped up in a banana leaf.

Binalot Fiesta Foods had this “Wagi Wednesday” contest, and the question I answered that day was, “I love Binalot because…” 

I answered “I love Binalot because it served as one of my inspiration to enter social entrepreneurship (just like them) who helps others and the environment too. ^_^ most of all; I love the classic itlog na pula with kamatis. Now im hungry. Thanks!” 

The prize? A native tampipi with two bottles of Binalot Fiesta Foods’ Adobo Flakes and an earth bag printed with “Hindi ako plastic!”

The third was Cravings’ First Food Festival. “Cravings” is a restaurant that is famous for their sumptuous and delectable meals, moreover, its unlimited coffee and cake promo, which a lot of Filipinos love.

It was a contest announced on their Facebook page wherein they will award 5 winners with a romantic dinner for two. All contestants need to do is to Like their Facebook page, to fill up a unique answer to “My Cravings Dream is…”, and to receive the most likes.

My answer “Earn passive income to build a social enterprise that promotes green living and provides employment to people and single parents” only got 35 Likes. I am not sure if they really liked it or because I have been posting the link on my wall to promote it.  

Sweet Says... In life, when I get anxious or fearful, I think about these three victorious "give it a try" moments  that I have through Facebook contests. These continuously remind me that we can achieve success if we tell ourselves we can make it. That 1% possibility of you achieving your goal is equivalent to a 100% success. Attract success, give it a try. You'll never know how many victories would be unlocked when you take that one step to act.

You may visit these three generous favorites of mine or like them on Facebook. 
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*photos courtesy of Binalot & Cravings

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