Why do you give?

Giving is everyone's opportunity to share the abundant blessings they receive.

The universe will pay you for what you give, according to Robert Shemin, New York Times Best Selling Author of 14 Books, Speaker, Wealth Coach, Real Estate Guru, Trainer, and Mentor. It was also implied on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I strongly believe in that too. 

Giving isn't an obligation or a thing you just do to receive blessings. Giving is an act of spirituality that you do to others without expecting something in return. It will most certainly reward you for your kindness and generosity. The reward may not be given to you immediately, but it will come when you most needed it. The great thing is, when you give until it hurts, the rewards will overwhelm you doubled even tripled. That's because when we give, we share a part of who we are to that person. But sharing that part of us will never be empty, but will be filled with utter happiness.

courtesy of TheDoGoodDames
A tip from the "Pay It Forward" Facebook page created by a friend, Al Fabon Jr., says "Know that you always have enough. Much more than enough. The first key to Pay It Forward is Faith. The foundation of giving first is trusting the goodness of Life. Faith is such a powerful tool when it comes to experiencing Life and live it to the fullest. Once you being to the walk in Faith, you begin to share with the same Presence: unconditionally". 

Sweet Says...I give because it makes me so happy to be a part of someone's life. I will be posting more opportunities on receiving abundance through giving. Stay tuned!

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