Doing Something Good Is Great: A Dinacuan Outreach in Malasiqui, Pangasinan

Last Sunday was the scheduled outreach mentioned on my previous post "What You Can Do to Help the Kids of Dinacuan in Malasiqui, Pangasinan". It was more or less a 4-hour drive if you take the SCTEX (Subic - Clark - Tarlac Expressway). I was so excited that heading there without even a 15-minute nap from my night shift is possible.

Being awake for more than 24 hours is nothing new to me. I don’t do it regularly because I need to take care of myself to be able to help more people. But travelling to a new place, with a variety of views of the nature, makes me even more vigilant and super ecstatic.

There’s a downpour at first but we were lucky to be in a carpool with the accommodating couple Ghassan and Eve Geslani-Okal.

When we arrived, we stepped in on the rest house where the summer classes and the weekend preaching take place. The officers greeted us with a warm smile and a handshake. We saw the beautiful hand-made recycled parol acting as the chandelier and the miniature Christmas tree on the corner of the room. 

Dinacuan parol

"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree..."

A few educational posters on their mini-library wall

Our lunch was waiting to fill us up. I had to take photos first because I could see a lot of action everywhere. Kids playing classic games as simple and fun as the local dodge ball, touching base, and so on. 

The Math Genius and an officer in the Youth Ministry

Playing ball

Oh how seriously cute you were, little girl!
"Talyase" - the big cooking pot usually used in provinces especially during big occasions

We washed our hands through the barrio’s water pump then enjoyed the sumptuous inihaw na Bangus (grilled milkfish) and Pinakbet.

Oanix's first water pump experience
Grilled Milkfish (inihaw na Bangus)

After lunch, I got to play “pagi” with some kids and started to befriend them. They enjoyed having their pictures taken to see how they look like. They ran a lot, smile at you then shy away, stood up then sat down, and laugh with each other.  

my fans club :)

We rested a bit and looked around the land. The fresh air was what I enjoyed the most. The carabao, wide field of grass, and a mount of haystack, were bonuses. 

That carabao could'nt run after me =P

Enjoying the "duyan"
The program started and everyone received His Word.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Oanix, plus the pray over, hosted by Sis. Marilou
The Youth Ministry
The Ka-Nanayans
Talking with his dad in Dubai over the phone

We played some games, and then ended with a feast.

Look at Joseph's genuine happiness over a pin.
requesting more picture-taking
the not-so-shy-one, Abo and Mali
The "mukasim" look while eating the mini dalanghita.
Having observed the place, it occurred in me that they indeed lacked a lot of their basic needs. My nephew, who was celebrating his birthday in advance, was being observant too. He noticed how children were hungry, how the houses were native plain and simple, how totally different everything was than what we have from the urban lifestyle.

I felt happy that we achieved all our purpose there, to serve to these people by sharing our blessings and our precious time. Plus, my nephew learned a lot, gained new friends, realize what a comfortable and blessed life we all have, and practice the act of giving.  

Sweet Says… we would like to thank Sir Ernie Geslani, Eve Geslani-Okal, and Ghassan Okal for graciously accommodating us in Dinacuan. Through their noble intentions of putting up a wonderful place, these people of Dinacuan will not only receive generosity from others but will also become nurtured with the Word of the Lord. 

To the people of Dinacuan, thank you for welcoming us with warmth and kindness.

I also appreciate it when Ghassan thanked my nephew, Oanix, for his contribution by celebrating his birthday in Dinacuan. Ghassan said "You did something very good today" It meant a lot to me because I know for sure that this meaningful statement left a mark in Oanix's heart. This positive remark may caught Oanix off guard, but will stick on to him for the rest of his life - that doing something good, especially to and for other people, is great and makes God happy. 

For those who wish to coordinate with Eve should you have any intentions of sending help or celebrating your special occasions through the spirit of giving, kindly reach her through the number below.

Eve > +63908 6535025 
For more information on Quickcheck Lab, click HERE!
For more information on JCSOS/ Dinacuan, click HERE!

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