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As a Mass Communication graduate, I am most impressed with advertising companies who pulled off a great message to the public through the brilliance of their ads. The innovative ideas to promote their clients and the effectiveness of their campaign to the public are remarkably fascinating. 

At the mall, on a coffee shop, in a school -- you may have seen or have taken, YOCard, a postcard advertisement that you can pick up for FREE all around Metro Manila.

YOCard for FREE

"With more than 180 partner establishments hosting YOCard displays all over the metro; YOCards keep you up-to-date on what’s going on by letting you know about the latest events and promotions, the hottest brands, products, and local scene news.

Funky and artsy, sexy and cool – each postcard has a unique edge that grabs your attention and speaks to you. Mail it, put it on display, share it with a friend – when you pick up a YOCard, what you do with it is entirely in your hands!

YOCard is a refreshing way to achieve advertising impact by offering edgy and captivating postcards that act as entertainment hooks."

via YOCard

Some of my NEW favorites, usually about different advocacies, I got from Kopi Roti at The Columns in Buendia are these:

Transforming Communities With The Filipino Youth
ACT Responsible
launched a call to the creative community to create pro bono ads in support of Japanese people.
It's goal is to express the solidarity of the world advertising community
with the Japanese after the earthquakes. tsunami and nuclear radiations that hit Japan in March.
The call was answered all over the world.
Point. Shoot. Let Loose. Experiment.
Lomography Embassy Manila
Expect the unexpected with LOMOGRAPHY!
"The Future is Analogue"

YOCard has a showcase of ingenious designs and concepts from Food & Beverages, Beauty & Wellness, Events, Fashion & Accessories, name it! 

As always, a Vision is always that secret ingredient to every success. In YOCard's case, their vision is not only to bring advertising creativity to every material it publishes; it is also dedicated to delivering positive messages and bringing about public awareness on relevant social issues. 

If interested to advertise, click HERE for more information. "With a vision to further develop alternative advertising tools available in the Philippines and expanding our pool of options; YOCard brings postcard advertising that speak to you straight to your hands – where you want it, when you want it."

via YOCard

Sweet Says... it may be cliche but the best things in life are free. Receiving free exquisite postcards is relatively big help - in building public awareness - and also a charming souvenir.

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