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I was thrilled when I was informed by a friend that Daphne is giving away her FREE certificate of American Eye Center's new Lasik machine. Daphne OseƱa Paez is a tv host & producer, business woman, wife and mother. She got the free certificate as a gift when she appeared in the AEC press conference. She also went under Lasik in 2005 and said that it is completely life changing. 

Daphne decided to give away this FREE Lasik certificate to one of her blog readers. You'll have to follow her instructions on how you can join. 

I initially would like to join because I thought of giving it to my mom. 

She is now 62 years old and has been near-sighted since her elementary life. She would tell me how lucky she had been to have a last name that starts with "A" because she gets to seat on the front row of the classroom. If the arrangement is not alphabetical, she's still lucky to be the class secretary. The perks of having her teachers' own notes and copying it was awesome, she said.

photo by Libertinus

But her luck stayed in school because she still got a hard time riding the right jeepney for being mistaken on the sign board. Her family was very poor and could not afford a pair of glasses. Decades later, when she got us, her kids, we bought her her spectacles. She would gaily wear them and even matched it with a beaded necklace to hold it in front of her chest when unused. She would always accidentally break it though. One time, it fell from the table, another was when her grandson sat on her lap and got it crushed. 

Mom before she got her Senior Citizen ID
She never considered wearing contact lenses and even argued that it might cause her blindness. I just wanted her to see everything else clearer. I mean,  just thinking of how sad it was not to enjoy the sight of God's creations. Especially to her who got it earlier in life. I just thought that maybe I could have her enjoy the rest of her life with a better eyesight.  

When I was about to comment on Daphne's site, I realized that there are really a lot of people who wants to improve their eyesight. So I decided to concede and give it to someone who needs it most.

To know more on how you can join Daphne's generous contest, click HERE.

Sweet Says... Someday I'll get my Lasik. 
Thanks to Daphne for a wonderful offer. 

“You're not going to learn the most tangible, applied processes in a book, or a classroom, or a lecture. It's not rocket science. All you need is good eyesight, a strong back, and good shipboard balance.” - Sean Van Sommeran


  1. I have done lasik at dallas. if i would have seen this article i surely would have opted for this itself. american eye center is doing a great thing

  2. Hi Cindy!

    Thanks for dropping by. :) Yeah this was a really great deal and I've seen a lot of posts from aspiring beneficiaries with different interesting stories to tell. I've seen Lasik deals from different Group Buying Sites too, but even with the 50% off, it was still too expensive.

    Have a great day!