As an environmentalist, I am always concerned about the things that I choose to use – earth bags, reusable containers, office papers for printing, recycled products, and so on.

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One day, my nine-year-old nephew handed a blue paper bag over to me. A small white notepad was stapled onto it saying that the package is for me. A prank what I initially thought it was. It was a black blue Nokia C3 cell phone, a hand-me-down from my youngest brother who recently acquired a post paid plan for his Blackberry unit. He knew that I am not particular with brand names and have got mobile units from different phone companies usually given by my other brothers. The only one I bought got stolen several years back. For me, as long as it could send texts and got incoming and outgoing calls, it’s perfectly okay.

I was so happy with it! I was ecstatic that I could now take pictures, videos, log in to Facebook mobile, check emails, and save MP3 songs. But of course, to be able to avoid problems and to learn how to navigate my beloved new phone, I needed to refer to its manual even if I’m too lazy to do so.

Reaching almost the end of the manual surprised me because I never realized that Nokia has its Ecodeclaration. I saw a “recycle” portion on the manual and was informed that all materials of my phone can be recovered as materials and energy. Nokia also gave a few simple…

Tips on how you can go green (with your Nokia phones):

Save Energy – You do not need to change your battery so often if you do the following (if available for your device):
  • Close application and data connection, for example, your Bluetooth connection, when not in use,
  • Decrease the brightness of the screen,
  • Set your device to enter power saver mode after  the minimum period of inactivity, if available in your device,
  • Deactivate unnecessary sounds such as keytones

Sweet Says... let's do whatever we can to help save the Earth from Global Warming, even if it's just charging your phone battery responsibly.

For more information on how to recycle your old Nokia products, go to www.nokia.com/werecycle, or using a mobile device, www.nokia.mobi/werecycle.
For more information on the environmental attributes of your device, go to www.nokia.com/ecodeclaration.

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