How an Executive Optical Marketing Strategy became a Divine Intervention

Executive Optical did a marvelous marketing strategy, which I immediately acknowledged the moment I received my special freebie. 

During last year's shopping spree for Christmas, I went to National Bookstore to buy two copies of Our Daily Bread as my gift to some of the most important person in my life. For those who haven't seen it, it is a small book containing bible verses and short stories compiled for your daily usage throughout the year. 

It wasn't really expensive but I did not buy a copy for myself. I sort of just intended to borrow it from my gift's recipient. (ha! ha!) Then last January, I went to Executive Optical to buy me a new pair of eyeglasses so I can reimburse it before I resign. Upon paying for my purchase, the lady from EO handed me my freebie. I was ecstatic to receive a copy of Our Daily Bread! 

Executive Optical freebie: Our Daily Bread
In it are extra pages of Executive Optical ads on every month. It didn't bother me at all and I really thought it was fantastic! Why? Well, I got a great deal with my optics and got a freebie which I really liked to buy but never did. For me, getting something for free is totally a blessing. I honestly felt that God was telling me "That day you bought copies of this to give to others; I really wanted you to buy it for yourself because I want to talk to you. So when you didn't buy it, I made a way for it to be brought to you." 

God saves us, everyday. 
Right that moment, I knew God saved me. He blessed me with a free book. He blessed me by letting me save money because I do not have to buy my own copy. He blessed me with another means of a daily conversation with Him. I knew I started the year right. Every morning when I wake up, I would pray and then read my daily dose of Our Daily Bread. Every day I feel blessed. And just this morning, He answered one of my prayers.

You see, I have been experiencing some anxiety attacks every now and then. I think everyone who doesn't have clarity in their mind would agree that we feel anxious in not knowing what tomorrow will bring. When I read Our Daily Bread today, I knew God was talking to me. He reminded me of what I asked Him yesterday when I prayed a novena to St. Jude Thaddeus. That Executive Optical freebie is His way to tell me a quote from Gandhi "I know of your capacity to do great things, but I have yet to discover your capacity to do little things."

Sweet Says... Pow! The corners of my lips are up. I am reminded one more time of His plans for me. I am sure He has more plans for us. So why worry? I just need to work on the little things to prepare myself for the big things. God bless you, Executive Optical!


  1. I like it. God works in mysterious ways. That's divine intervention and the law of attraction.

    1. True! That's why I do not doubt on His power and promises. :)

  2. also had the EO's freebie Daily Bread

    1. that's great! enjoy every day of being enlightened with His Word.