What do you like most about your life?

Why was it that when I am away from the computer or no pen and paper in hand, a lot of stories keep bugging my head and blast it with ideas to write about. Stories that are worth sharing and spending your time telling others with. Now my mind ended up blocked. I don’t know which way to start or which word to write first. Fortunately, Positively Positive, one of the websites that I subscribed with from Facebook, posted a mind-boggling question. “What do you like most about your life?” Before I came up with my answer, I looked at some of the “so far” 2,001 comments. I wanted to know if someone would have a similar answer with me.

Here are what they have to say:
“Being Alive.” – Regina Clifton-Bailey
“That I finally found God.” – Thia West
“Being a mother. Period.” – Irene Day
“Being part of new days & smiling.” – Shenatta Weathers
“Sometimes, I get to help people from dying.” – Tim Johnson
“The good stuff outweighs the bad stuff.” – Joanna Barrett
“My family.” – Anna Gianelli Baltazar
“My freedom.” – Lelia Pray Newlan Carlson
“Just being able to experience happiness.” – Shruthi Venugopal
“Peace in my soul!” – Peggy Kinser
“That I get to be part of it.” – Chelsea Miers
“The people in it.” – Ashley Kays Moore
“I’m alive because GOD saved me!” – Robert Craven
“The endless possibilities.” – Diane Clement
“I get to be the star!” – Allison Hartke Nahoopii
“That I belong to the Lord.” – Mona Hardy 

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Sweet Says… I am so happy to know that a lot of people are still appreciative of the blessings that come to them. I am mostly overwhelmed with people who gave any of the three most common answers: God, Life, and Family. Now, asking myself “What do you like most about your life?” I certainly want to answer similarly with the rest but would just like to add "That I am forgiven by our Savior and that He gave us the gift of freewill".

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