A Thing You Will Never Regret

I retweeted Positively Positive's quote from Zig Ziglar a moment ago and decided to blog about it. He said "Remember, you can earn more money, but when time is spent it is gone forever." Now that is something I deeply considered for a moment and then asked myself, "Do I spend my time wisely?"

I think I remember a line from a movie or was it from a song I heard or a book I read, I can't recall, but it says "Time is the highest form of  wealth"

Sure I have spent a lot of time watching my favorite TV shows, read magazines some of them about travel, home renovation and celebrities, dwell into sports or hobbies, go to the mall, even slept the whole day. The thing is, did you do all those with your loved ones?

If you watched TV with your partner and converse spontaneously about it, that's great! 
If you read magazines and planned to travel with your parents, or a make-over and a spa with your daughter, or a bedtime story to your son, then that's awesome!
If you played sports with your kids or create a hobby together, that's fantastic!
You just spent quality time with the people who mattered to you, and that's what really matters.

With the 24 hours a day that you have, how well did you distribute it on different aspects of your life? Did you spend half of it working? A quarter of it to parties or lunch /dinner-dates? A couple of it to sleep? The rest to travel back and forth to your house? At the end of the day, were you able to play with your kids  discover their new experiences and interests, or simply kiss them goodnight?

There are a lot of inspiring stories around us. There are also those that regret not having spent more time with their families when they are still together or even alive. How about creating your own story? A version where you read a blog about a thing you will never regret then decide to focus on your time management and live your life fully by spending your time wisely.

Sweet Says... When you do your best to share your time with someone especially your family, it feels warm inside. You sense the completeness of your being. When you spent a quality moment with someone that needs you, they appreciate it and cherish it forever. Your time is your best contribution to the world, because it helps to enhance someone's upbringing. When you give time to your parents, to your spouse, to your friends, to strangers, but most especially to your kids, their world is more colorful and worth living in. Spending your time wisely is a thing you will never regret investing.


  1. nice blog and very inspiring! i saw your link at the vafbpage :) keep it up and GodBless!

  2. Thanks Yanyan! :) I hope you'd come for more. :) God bless you too!