Why I Became An Instant Randy Couture Fan

If you know Randy Couture, I am pretty sure that you know exactly where I met him. I really do not understand the concept of hurting each other to entertain people or to compete for a title. Men in my life told me that its their nature. I still don't buy that reason. 

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When I chose Balls cable channel for the sake of my dad's afternoon leisure, Randy Couture happened to be on the screen. He was being introduced as the first fighter to hold two UFC championship titles in both heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. It was a replay championship battle, UFC 68, with Tim Sylvia as his opponent.

I didn’t plan on watching but Randy Couture’s name intrigued me so much. My 10 year old nephew loves him together with at least a couple men in my life. I thought, “Hmm, let me see how this Randy Couture fights and how he earned the reputation of a legendary man in the Octagon world of UFC.

Tim Sylvia was intimidating with his 6’8” height. I personally thought that his reach and weight could destroy every bone of the UFC’s Captain America. When the fight started, I was immediately mistaken. Every punch of The Natural made my head veer away. I began to realize that I even hold my breath every time they attempt on submission.

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It was the only time that I learned about having 5 rounds on a championship match. Defending his heavyweight title, Tim Sylvia showed disappointment as the first couple of rounds went by with a 9-10 Eddie Bravo Scoring in favor of Captain America. Randy Couture was 43 at that time as far as I could remember, and I couldn't imagine his determination to win the title as a remarkable come-back from retirement. Randy Couture won by unanimous decision that March 3, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. 

via Randy Couture Official Site
The match was absolutely enthralling that it looked like a UFC version of the National Geographic Channel’s fighting king cobras episode. Joe Rogan told Randy Couture on his post-match quick interview that he is a fan and that he is speechless. The Natural’s humorous first line cracked a laugh on my throat “Not bad for an old man!” Mentioning who he wished to dedicate his victory to, I officially became an instant Randy Couture fan. He said “I want to dedicate this fight tonight to two people. Jesus Christ who died for our sins and the American G.I. who steps up and dies for our freedom on a daily basis.”

Sweet Says… We can never really judge a person’s faith by their profession. I may never fully understand men’s point of view when it comes to their choice of sports specifically boxing or whatever they do on the UFC Octagon, but I must say that I respect them more now. My admiration to people with strong faith simply reminds me of His Power to bless us all because we are His children.

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