Sometimes the ONLY thing you need is...

DSC05662Brendon Burchard (Photo credit: Ralph Zuranski)
It was my third day in a row to use my stepmaster equipment, Navigator Sports, and it was also the day when I watched Brendon Burchard's second video entitled "Homepage ATM" from the Experts Academy site. Yes, I was multi-tasking. What's wrong with doing cardio while listening to an online video? Anyway, Brendon is the founder of Experts Academy and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling The Millionaire Messenger

I encountered Brendon a few weeks ago, thanks to an email sent by my mentor, Jomar Hilario. Brendon who is also Jomar’s mentor made a huge impact on thousands of people’s lives including mine.

(So Brendon, if you’re reading this, you don’t need to ask yourself “Did I matter?” because you absolutely did!)

Brendon made numerous piquant points when it comes to different aspects of life. The concept was overwhelming that it will make you dig deeper to your core. From that video, Brendon challenged us to PLAY BIG.

Of all the things he said, “Play big!” marked the most.


The answer is because I have a lot of big dreams. In order to achieve it, I will have to play big!

A "Play Big!" reminder on my mirror

A lot of us will say “I want this”, “I want that”, “I’ll buy this, “I wish I have that” but never really exerted effort to actually have it. Maybe because we are so used to just receiving small things. We sometimes neglect the thought that we deserve the best. We do! After all, we are God’s best creation. The only thing we need to do is PLAN, then ACT.

Oh yes, we know that already, but sometimes the only thing you need is a REMINDER, because we keep forgetting our dreams. We keep getting stuck in a rut of our daily routine.

Be reminded that we can do it. Through God’s grace, we can. He will provide us everything we need. Just be open with His reminders. Who knows? That sticky note from your seatmate’s desk may say something like “God is with us”, a reminder to stay strong and have faith. That music played in the coffee shop where you’re reading your book at may be a song of praise, a reminder to be patient for He will answer our prayers. Just look around.

Sweet Says…  I am committing myself to PLAY BIG! You can too! Sometimes, the only thing you need is a reminder or a little inspiration to keep rolling.

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