Valentines Day: Reminiscing Love Stories

I was not a fan of Valentine’s Day. The occasion was never a big deal but I've tried to exert effort in giving my parents some greeting cards, flowers, and gifts during my elementary years. But just this morning, while my mom was tuned in to DWWW 774 AM, I realized how people love to reminisce and talk about how their love stories started.

DWWW 774 AM interviewed couples who have been married for a long time. I particularly liked the story of Jun Catan Jr and Nancy Russell-Catan, who owned MAPECON, a company who offers the best solution to pest problems. They are now on their golden anniversary and have repeatedly claimed that it is God’s will that lead them to each other. Their differences in culture and religion did not hinder in the success of their relationship. They even joined forces to build their pest control company, MAPECON, which continuously grows into an endeavor blessed by God. Their practice of Christian principles and ethics in business made it possible to gain 42 years of experience with 38 award winning patents and 100% indigenous Filipino products that aids to create a pest-free environment.

More guests revealed their inspiring love stories. Some on their 40th year, some widowed, but all was moving just like watching Hollywood films or reading romance novels. Writing love letters, mixed marriages, strict parents, and even stowing away, were factors of these love stories.

Mom and Dad: Those Were The Days - "An Antipolo Date"
Reminiscing different love stories, specifically my parents’ version made me smile this morning. I remembered how mom met dad on a relative’s wake. I recalled how dad wooed mom after her shifts, how he was so attracted with her long black hair, and how I pictured the way dad looked like while wearing his bell-bottom jeans matched with a fitted shirt, its sleeves curled up to show the mighty biceps. Mom has a lot of stories to tell. You can expect a mixture of an awfully touching youth, exciting teenage years, struggling middle age era, and now a challenging yet hopeful winter phase.

It was mysteriously hilarious that my mom just nagged at my dad about why she never got flowers then the next minute she would sing him "You're the best thing that ever happened to me" But with all the heartaches, intrigues, and hardships, mom and dad’s marriage is still one of the best love stories I have heard.

Although DWWW 774 AM focused on long-term marriages, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples but to everyone who knows how to love.

Sweet Says… With all these love stories relayed over DWWW 774 AM, I must admit that I got inspired this Valentine’s Day. I realized, as cliché as it may seem, that it is an occasion to celebrate something very obvious but seldom affirmed, “Love”, and what we can do to make our relationships stronger. 

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