Think Green Innovation: Recycle Your Light Bulb

Innovation is something every people could do but most chose not to because of, well, different reasons or alibis. We are all born creative. It just so happened that there are people who are more adventurous when it comes to innovating stuff. They are more interested in spending their time for art's sake. 

What's interesting is, aside from being artistic, people especially those who are concerned with the current state of our environment, try to exert effort to think outside the box and contribute in fighting global warming in their own little ways. They simply "think green".

Here is a creative example of fighting global warming:

by HannahBe4 via Piccsy
Stunning isn't it? 

People who think green use energy-efficient light bulbs, or what we famously know as CFL short for Compact Florescent Light bulb. It lasts typically for 5 years. That means are not to change it very often. Aside from aiding with a lower energy bill, the mercury content is on its base, giving a lower health risk when cleaning it.

Sweet Says... I'm sure gonna try this at home. Would you?

To know more how you can recycle your light bulbs, click here.

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