6 Interesting Blog Picks for Nuffnang's Blog Day 2011

I officially declare myself, A BLOG JUNKIE.

I got more vigilant in people, events, and things around me than I normally did. I took more photos, I read more books, I visit more links, I listen more intently - because everything around me is just "bloggable" - please excuse me, I know there is no such term. I am sure that somewhere out there, another person may be interested to know about different things - pancakes, goodwill, a scratch paper, junks - pretty much everything in the world to at least one person just like Mike Rowe in Dirty Jobs.

I came across with an invitation thru email about Nuffnang's Blog Day 2011. I was curious about it at first. I got anxious next, whether or not to consider submitting an entry. Finally, since tomorrow is the deadline of submissions, I told myself at 5:30 in the morning, "What the heck? Why not?" Isn't it just exciting to share the blogs you follow so that more people would discover how crazy beautiful their ideas are? How their personal lives, opinions, perspectives, were very different from yours? How talent, views from a different camera and for another country, passion, taste, makes us feel overwhelmed with appreciation to a wonderful life and the idea of learning new things every single day.

Below are my 6 picks, a few description, and why it rocked my blogging experience:

Duane's Dartboard
"Sometimes my ideas hit the bullseye. Sometimes they don't"
owned by Duane Hallock

I am a digger of blog description and the "About Me" section. My first impression on Duane's is that he knows what he was doing, and he do "this" because it inspires him first, and the others next. Both brief and thorough author description are awesomely inspiring already. When I read about his latest post entitled "Two years, 124 posts and 10 observations", I simply thought it was brilliant to share what this blogging experience actually taught you. So I asked myself, what did it (blogging) teach me? I will post my answer to that one on my 1st blogging year. :)

Uppercase Woman
"Living life out loud one day at a time"
owned by Cecily Kellogg

Learning a new word a day is one of my secret hobby. I feel geeky sometimes when my "word of the day" becomes 12 words. Most of the time, i forgot about them altogether too. But now, when I stumbled upon Cecily's blog, not only did the catchy title, the pink theme, and her daughter Tori get me, but also a word I'd like to add to my personal dictionary - "Conundrum" It means, (1) a confusing and difficult problem or question; (2) a question asked for amusement typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle. (via Dictionary.com) 

Color Me Katie
owned by Katie Sokoler

This is one of the less descriptive blogs I have seen, BUT, the photos were so heavenly colorful that you'd love to imagine yourself living in this kind of world. It shows happiness on different angles. It is a gift to the readers to share her talent in photography. Her keen eye evidently connects with the passion to bring out the best in every moment. When I saw her Radar Eleven video (courtesy of Babelgum) I consider Katie one my color angels who unknowingly inspires me with her eagerness to make a difference in other people's lives.

Not Dead Yet!
"The diary of an oldie who refuses to go quietly"
owned by Judith Taylor

Judith claimed to be a proud elderblogger. Believe that it's true because I found a few more blogs other than this (her main one) and she broke the stereotype by blogging despite old age. I didn't realize that a grandma her age would be interested to upload pics, share stories, and now even busy with videos about the Granny Turismo project she is involved with. She is a retired secretary from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, and is very open with her continuous quest in finding who she is now. Her optimism and willingness to learn daily inspired me as a woman. The idea of an old me while blogging is vivid to me, but Judith's blog reminded me of "Say NO to age discrimination"

Gumnut Inspirations
"Spark and fuel to stoke your creative fire"
owned by Nutty

The name Gumnut itself intrigued me. I love the inspirations she brought by sharing her art, and divulging a bullet-point description of Who is Gumnut? It makes her readers feel like she's a neighbor just across the street who is willing to help you with your life projects. Her honesty is entertaining. I'll sure give Melissa Dinwiddie's 15-minute Creative Challenge a try.

owned by Kim

This is the most sleek blog I've seen. The pictures were great and got my jaw drop twice on some shots. One of the things most unique about 180|360, which I consider very difficult on my part, is that it is an ad-free blog. 

Sweet Says... "I aspire to become a blogger of my own passion, of anticrastination, of helping others. These six new blogs I have discovered will be my set of inspiration to help me achieve what I will become in the following days. To Duane, Cecily, Katie, Nutty, Judith, and Kim -- THANK YOU so much for sharing your passion, your light, your experiences, your joys, your brilliance, and ingenuity. More power!"

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