Procrastinator's Handbook: A Glance

When I posted about procrastination before, my office mate felt guilty about one of the things that she always wanted to do but never does. She is ironically procrastinating on reading a book about procrastination. It is Rita Emmett's "The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing it Now".

She said that when they moved from their old house, she saw this book from his dad's stuff, got curious and planned to read it. After a few months and having read other books available, she still haven't found the time to read it. So I told her to lend it to me and then I'll read it first. I will inform her whether or not the book is good and is worthy of her precious time. 

The next day, she brought the book and I immediately scanned it. I knew just from the first page that I will like it. I can't wait to end my shift and focus on reading it. During our meeting, I glanced on the book and was tempted to read the first chapter. And I did. Then I told my office mate that I'll buy it for Php50. It was an old book after all, from their shelf of books, unnoticed. It was a cue for her that it is worth it. I am not sure if i bargained too low that she declined the offer, or that she thought that selling a what-seemed-to-be a great book is not a very good idea. 

the book with my yummy oreo cheesecake from Starbucks 6750

After my shift, I read it on my way home and about half an hour before I decided I should go to sleep. 

Sweet Says... I am still not finished reading it, but I promise I am not procrastinating on it either. This is the type of book whose lessons I'd love to absorb by not rushing til the end page. It is the realization that I'd want to apply in my life to improve it and be a better person. I will create another post on this after I read it. Promise!

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