"Rent A Person": a short film by Kurt Kuenne starring James Haven

While writing "Validation: a short film by Kurt Kuenne", I was able to encounter another remarkable short film by the same director, Kurt Kuenne. "Rent-A-Person" is a romantic musical comedy about a men's room attendant who founds an organization who revolutionizes rush hour traffic, starring James Haven, brother of Angelina Jolie. This is another worthy short film in approximately 12 minutes.

"Rent A Person"
via hughnewman1024 on YouTube

I really liked the concept of the two short films being connected. WOW! It simply tells me that nobody usually focuses on the cameo characters on a movie. I was too focused on Validation's main character that I was surprised to know they are merged stories. These are just awesome. I'd love to see more uplifting films like these. Don't you?

Sweet Says ... most of the time, we seek too much that we tend to overlook what is already right in front of us. However, even if we fail to see the things we want clearly, let us try and count the experience then move forward. We will be able to achieve our dreams in no time. 

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