My Top 3 Favorites from Nestle Philippines Kasambuhay Habambuhay Short Film Anthology

I cant explain how utterly impressed I am with the entire production of the Nestle Philippines Kasambuhay Habambuhay Short Film Anthology.

After seeing the series of short film they have in celebration of Nestle Philippines 100 years, I can proudly say I got wowed. I was touched, moved, and inspired. And I honestly cried a few times.

The videos below are my TOP 3 FAVORITES:

#3: "Unplugged"


#2 "Sali-Salita"


#1 "Tingala sa Baba"

"Tingala sa Baba"

Sweet Says... These three did it. Touchdown! I am astonished with the magic the directors used to serve quality films in practically short 10-minutes. The lessons each film conveyed are very simple yet hard-core that it made me identify or acknowledge myself as a part of something big. It is clearly a reminder that whatever i do and whoever I am is a contribution to the world. So are you.