Put Your Fear on Hold

Yesterday morning after taking a bath, I got cornered by my mom on our mini coffee table. I prepared my coffee as she started to explain some updates on a few of our family issues. While mom was talking, it occurred to me that her life is a pretty challenging story to write on a book. But I thought, it's gonna be too long and tedious. Plus, who's gonna read it anyway? When the lessons came in sinking in my head, it is definitely a good story to tell. The question is, how will I do it?

Then this morning, while browsing my Facebook homepage, I encountered Ali Pittampalli's inspiring video from Positively Positive. It's a quick video that everyone should give a chance to tune in to.

video courtesy of Positively Positive

Did it make you think? I did. I am usually the type of person who loves asking this kind of question because I am interested in learning more about other people. But this time, when I felt that the question was directed to me, I don't know what to think of. It caught me off guard especially the astronaut thing, because the truth is, I dreamed of becoming one when I was a kid. Now I'm wondering if most people wished just the same when they were younger.

Sweet Says... I think that these 2 mornings are callings. A shout of creativity and a challenge at  the same time. I didn't really rank my dreams with scrutiny, but I tried to think where does my writing-a-book dream comes place? Okay I want to write a book. That's gonna be one of the tough missions I have to start doing now. I need your help coz I have no idea what to do. :) Flood me some comments and I'd love to know what you wanna do.

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