Zoe Jacques (Zoe Kerenza Lim) New Friendly Stalker

My friend, let's call her "Daria" repetitively exclaims "I heart you" for an hour now.

She was telling it to her laptop, with Zoe Jacques on its screen.

Photo courtesy of Stokedinc
"Stoked Surfergirl Zoe Jacques: British School Manila represent!"

Liked "Stoked Fan Page" in Facebook.
Saw "Zoe Jacques" picture. pictures.
Found a LinkedIn profile. Then Tumblr.

Googled her.
Asked a friend about her.
Checked Paolo Ruiz' website.
Watched a video clip of her.

Checked her pictures again.
Was planning to share the link of her video on her FB account.
Can't stop herself from saying how sexy and pretty Zoe is.

Left a side comment on how good a photographer Paolo Ruiz is.

She suddenly stopped when she realizes that I am blogging about her unbecoming hype, which I never witnessed from her when she looked at Angelina Jolie.

Sweet Says... "I think that admiring a fellow chic is normal, as long as the beauty she has is not envied and unnecessarily criticized. However, today's case is totally different. Daria is officially hooked. A straight mom of one got a HUGE crush on Zoe so I'm spilling the announcement here. Soon, Daria may try to convince me to delete this post to avoid Zoe's discovery on her new friendly stalker. I'm just curious though, if you were Zoe, how would you feel about this kind of admiration? Or do you sometimes wish that you were as pretty-sexy-cool as Zoe? Or even if it's not Zoe, think of another person of the same sex that you have or had a crush on. I'm also curious if guys on the other hand could also be so engrossed with another man's good looks without being gay."


  1. zoe jacques is nothing but a barbie doll posing as a "surfer" .

    She has the audacity to make a "PUBLIC FIGURE" account of herself on facebook. Someone ought to slap this dumb bi**h and pop her expanding EGO.

    Taking a photo next to a surf board does not make you a "Surfer" either.

    You have to know how to surf first and fore most before you start using that word. and She can't surf to save her life.

    So shut up.

  2. Thank You for posting this whoever you are!!(referring to above)

    I study with her in Enderun and she goes around flirting with all the guys and is super pa cute. Portraying this demeanor of being bad ass and "cool" when she looks utterly ridiculous.

    She is so proud to be half french. pity, the genes didn't rub off ob her.
    half french = solenn heusaff! now that's hotness! and yet, not even solenn makes a PUBLIC FIGURE page of herself. GOODNESS!!!


    she looks like she's 14 years old. has a fat face short legs and saggy boobs.
    i really don't get it....

    She goes around talking to people about surfing and how good she is and "im a surfereh".. she surfs white wash! haha! HAHA "Kinareer!"

  3. Both of you seems to know her really well to say those comments. Out of curiosity, I checked her facebook and looking at her pictures, I could say that she's one head turner chick..but then again, pictures could be deceiving. ;)

  4. at "enderun student"

    I detect seething envy on your part. That she has extracted this much vitriol and rabid emotional investment from you puts you on the losing end...and makes you appear, unfortunately given this level of anonymity, like a jealous fatass chick

    whether you are or not, you're better off using all that energy elsewhere and in matters more productive.

  5. to hater #1, do you personally know zoe to say that she doesn't know how to surf? if you did a little more research you would see she can actually surf (search videos in stokedinc page). by the way why such hate? so what's the problem if a public page was created? apparently a lot of people liked it. why don't you make your own page and leave people alone who i think you don't even know.

    to hater #2, i agree with the last anonymous commenter. apparently you don't know anything about surfing as well. you don't have to ride big waves to be called a surfer.

    to both of you. go get a life! stop bothering people with your insecurities..look closely in the mirror before trashing someone else.

  6. to both of the haters. im a personally good friend of zoe. so please back the fuck off. i go to enderun as well, and if you have something to say about it say it to and not behind her back. you have no right to judge someone just because you know nothing about them.
    so dont be so immature

  7. i think she is just stunning i would like to get in touch with her and maybe use her as an image model

  8. didn't luke landrigan fuck her? haha.